Singer and writer Johan MacDonald learned to play classic rock and blues through his father, who had been touring with a party orchestra for many years. His roots schooling in old school rock and country made his first songs sound a lot like Elvis, Beatles and Monkees. He met Jesper Karlsson and Victor Norberg in high school. They would during coming summers busk the streets together, playing covers and their own songs. When the group found drummer Olof Arvidsson, Atlantic Francis took off. Atlantic Francis first EP ”Just Add Ocean” featuring four tracks, was released in May 2015. The band celebrated the release at Spritmuseum in Stockholm. The EP was played at various venues during the...

Genrer: indiepop, Folk, Rock
Balloon Bomb 2014

Vi är ett alternativt rockband med ett sound influerat av skate punkrockens era & 90-tals punkrocken.


Det finns både svenska och engelska låtar på våran repetoar. Men majoriteten är på engelska.


Vi spelar ett glatt sound med texter av egen livserfarenhet.

Genrer: Rock, Skate Punk, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Carbon Blue is a garagerock, punkblues band from Stockholm.

Carbon Blue is a mixture of different genres like 60´s garagerock and pop music, oldschool blues , punkrock and the 90´s alternative rockscene .

Carbon Blue is constantly trying to reach out with their music to new listeners and to become a part of the alternative rocknroll scene.. 

Genrer: Rock, garage rock, punkblues
Catman Pigbird, Live in pink

Bluesrock med influenser från 70-talets proggresiva scen och 90-talets Seattle sound. En trio som svänger ordentligt!

Genrer: Rock, bluesrock, Grunge, 70-tal, electric blues, garage rock, Alternative Rock

Not active

Genrer: Alternative, Pop, Rock

Boka DJ Aïcha till er privata fest, firmafest, ert bröllop, kalas eller event i Stockholm. Hon spelar en oemotståndlig mix av leftfield pop, afro-funk, cumbia & tropical, roots reggae & ska, punk & rock och klassisk US funk, disco, soul & rock’n’roll. Under åren har hon spelat på bl.a. Södra Teatern, Debaser, Nalen, Berns, Fasching och Kulturhuset i Stockholm samt festivaler över hela landet. Hon har en fingertoppskänsla för dansgolvet och anpassar sitt musikval efter publik/arrangör och kundens önskemål. Förfrågningar, bokningar eller för ett smakprov, emaila eller besök...

Genrer: leftfield pop, afrofunk, tropical, Cumbia, Reggae, Ska, Punk, Indie, Rock, Pop, Funk, Disco, Latin, Afrobeat, Soul, rock'n'roll.

Emil Dickson is a Swedish musician, singer and songwriter. He writes and records on his own, but has recruited a band in order to make himself a lot louder on stage. This band will deliver an energetic live perfomance, hopefully in a town near you very soon!

Genrer: Garage, Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Emma Larsen was born in small town Tyresö outside of Stockholm, Sweden in July 1989.

She started writing music at the age of 12 and by the age of 19 she started her first band called Lifestyle. She went on as a solo artist in 2011 and has since then released one EP and four singles on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon.

In February 2014, at the same time the Winter Olympics in Sochi opened, Emma released the music video I'm Still Here on youtube which is a song and a video made as a tribute to human rights and those who are fighting for them and the people who are harmed when their human rights are neglected or even denied....

Genrer: Pop, Rock

Ensamheten befinner sig musikaliskt nånstans i gränslandet mellan rock, visa och punk med texter på svenska.

Genrer: Rock, Singer/Songwriter, visa

Exploding Pets!

Gillar du band som Foo Fighters, The Hellacopters och Royal Blood? Gillar du modern ösig och trallvänlig rock? Då är Exploding Pets för dig!

Ett nybildat band från Huddinge med influenser från 90-talets rockscen och en EP i bagaget. Här kan man lyssna:

Genrer: Rock, garage rock, Rock n' Roll, Hard Rock

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