The Ginger


Genrer: Electronic, Indie, Instrumental, Pop och Rock
Christoffer Englund
Sång, Gitarr


From my first moments of life, I already stood out. My cousin told my parents after meeting me for the first time “but his hair is red!” It's been an asset and a problem ever since.

I've played music most of my life but two years ago I decided to leave the band I´d been in for seven years. All of a sudden I had this strong urge to follow my true vision. I had recorded a few songs with Leon Hallén and when I tried them with my band it just didn't sound right. I was tired of all the compromises and the discussions to try to make all four of us happy. Shortly after, I moved on.

The Ginger was born naturally. I love being in total control of my sound even if it takes longer to actually record a song. I write every note, every word and the melody is what moves me. To me, The Ginger is freedom and my goal is to make people dance and cry. My lyrics are very personal which often makes it hard to hold back the tears, especially when I sing live.

I am very happy that you found my site and I hope to see you dancing or singing along on my next gig! If you end up in tears, you are probably not alone...

/The Ginger


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