Snake City Rockers


Genrer: Punk, Rock och Hardcore
Emil Dickson
Simon Niss
Charlie Cederqvist
Viktor Tillberg


Snake City Rockers is an aggressive rock band from Stockholm. 

After playing together in Emil Dickson's pop/rock solo project, the guys felt a need to get back to their roots, which lie in faster and harder music. The first album came together very quickly, with every member contributing their own ideas. The debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves and each band member sings lead vocals at one point or another on the record. The band consists of Emil Dickson and Charlie Cederqvist on guitar, Simon Niss on bass and Viktor Tillberg on drums. 

When the record came together, the Rockers felt almost surprised at how good it sounded. This was only ment to be a fun side project, acting as an outlet for both aggression and creativity, but actually turned out better than any of the member initially had imagined. The record was released on September 1 2017.

People who have seen the band live have said that their show is energetic and tightly played, probably as a result of the guys' on-stage-chemistry. They just have so much fun playing, which translates over to the audience. The music is angry and agressive though, or as one member's mother said after watching the band play live: "Wow, that was fucking hard". 

With lyrical themes ranging from social and political commentary to songs about being afraid of spiders, the first album represents both the serious and playful aspects of the band's personality. 

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