The Deer Tracks


Genrer: Northern Lights Electro
David Lehnberg
Elin Lindfors


David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors are the only two constant pieces in the always evolving puzzle of The Deer Tracks. These two versatile multi-instrumentalists and singers, handle everything from writing to recording to production.

They are actively touring US, Canada, Japan & Europe relentlessly since 2008. 

The Deer Tracks display their signature schizophrenia as best on their latest record trilogy: The Archer Trilogy (PT.1, 2 & 3) 

Their songs often stride fearlessly into the forest primeval armed with their "Northern Light Electronica" that is best described as a complexed mixure of stuttering beats and rattling arsenal of percussion over a steady beat, likely accompanied by beautiful string arrangements, soaring synths and Elin's ethereal voice to top it off. Somehow they blend them all together with other natural found sounds and deliberately lo-fi digital artifacts that adds bristles and grit to their relentless melodies. 

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