A rock band from across the galaxy. Driven by personal integrity and a quest for artistic freedom they dared escape an industry gone mad. Now, light years away from home and one raging media mogul, one shortcut through this solar system, one cosmic storm and one crash-landing later - they're here.


Genrer: Electro, Punk, Pop, Pop Rock

Lyssna och njut!

Genrer: Punk

Falakumbe - Cumbia Chicha Punk Party!

From the highest mountain of the Andes, the deep Amazon jungle and Latin America's loudest cities, comes the explosive sound of Falakumbe. Cumbia-reggae chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars and güiro that melts the stage and the audience together into a one big pachanga.

Falakumbe’s sound has been compared to Gogol Bordello in its gypsy-punk approach but it’s definitely each member's own bag of roots and music from their hometowns that has given the band it’s particular style. For instance the underground reggae and hip-hop from Santiago’s periphery and the characteristic psychedelic sound of...

Genrer: Cumbia, Reggae, Chicha, Ska, Punk
Punk/Oi från Stockholm. Diskografi: Fyrtio års slit (MLP) 2016, Split med Orreaga 778 12" släpps Mars 2017.Genrer: Punk, oi!

In the beginning of 2013 I released my first acoustic album after playing and touring with different punk bands for many years. With these bands I toured several European countries and released many albums (with an album exclusively in Japan). 
I’ve always liked the D.I.Y ethos and as a result I’ve run my own record label MKmusic where I release my own music projects since around 2001. 

With my acoustic project “Micke Kindberg” I played a few gigs during 2013-2014 (both in Sweden and abroad, at smaller pubs as well as festivals). 
In my music I put a lot of focus on the lyrics and melodies and this project is influenced by by artists such as Against me! Frank...

Genrer: Singer-Songwriter, Punk
Vi håller på att spela in en skiva med arbetsnamnet "Core Values". Första singeln heter "Bangin' on the Radio" och är en självuppfyllande profetia om att gå från botten till toppen... Vi är ett svängigt punkband, inspirerat av allt från Barockt till isländsk death metal, till Jorge Ben's rymden-skiva och thailändsk psykadelisk pop.Genrer: Garage, Punk, Pop

Nasty Obsession is a poprockpunknroll band from Ludvika, Sweden... 
They started out in the spring of 2017 and did a couple of gigs around Dalarna.. 
In 2018, they will go into the studio and record their debutalbum but for now 
you can here demoversions of songs on YouTube and SoundCloud... 
Soooo......the story continues....

Genrer: Punk, Pop, Rock

Streetrockbandet RISK från Arlanda spelar trallpunk,skrammelpop och röjarrock på svenska. På Live-repertoaren finns en växande katalog av eget material, blandat med svenska klassiker från kalla krigets dagar. Tänk larmiga varianter av Magnus Uggla, Ebba Grön, Magnum Bonum, Factory, Imperiet, Eldkvarn, Noice, Gyllene Tider, Docent Död och andra svenska klassiker från sent 70-tal och 80-tal och du får en skaplig bild av setlistan.


RISK bildades 2017, och består av den kreativa motorn Magnus Lundgren på sång och gitarr, tidigare legendarisk frontman i punkbandet Predator; Jörgen Bergman på bas och sång, känd från Predator och psychobillybandet the Zorchmen; på...

Genrer: Streetrock, Rock, Pop, Punk

SKA’N’SKA was formed in Stockholm in 2004 under a different name with the intention of playing punk music, pretty soon the influence of Ska took over, the name changed and the band we now have learned to appreciate as one of Swedens most hired and liked Ska band was born! Since then the ten man strong band have spread their euphoric skareggae-punk-gypsy-party mix with frenzy in Sweden as well as Germany, Russia, UK etc. and have had airtime all over the world! They play large stages and small with the same energy, intesity and presence, sometimes on their own and sometimes together with other artists of magnitude such as: Yellowman, Eek-A-Mouse, Karamelo Santo etc. Brace yourself for the...

Genrer: Ska, Reggae, Balkan, Punk

Snake City Rockers is an aggressive rock band from Stockholm. 

After playing together in Emil Dickson's pop/rock solo project, the guys felt a need to get back to their roots, which lie in faster and harder music. The first album came together very quickly, with every member contributing their own ideas. The debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves and each band member sings lead vocals at one point or another on the record. The band consists of Emil Dickson and Charlie Cederqvist on guitar, Simon Niss on bass and Viktor Tillberg on drums. 

When the record came together, the Rockers felt almost surprised at how good it sounded. This was...

Genrer: Punk, Rock, Hardcore

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