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Genrer: Singer-Songwriter och Punk
  • Micke Kindberg


In the beginning of 2013 I released my first acoustic album after playing and touring with different punk bands for many years. With these bands I toured several European countries and released many albums (with an album exclusively in Japan). 
I’ve always liked the D.I.Y ethos and as a result I’ve run my own record label MKmusic where I release my own music projects since around 2001. 

With my acoustic project “Micke Kindberg” I played a few gigs during 2013-2014 (both in Sweden and abroad, at smaller pubs as well as festivals). 
In my music I put a lot of focus on the lyrics and melodies and this project is influenced by by artists such as Against me! Frank Turner, Bad Religion among other bands. 

When I play live I usually play alone with a guitar and a harmonica but every now and then I bring my friends along on stage too (drums, bass, guitars and violin). In other word, the band constellation varies depending on what event I’ll be playing. - See more at: https://www.recordunion.com/Profile/44532#.VM_ZRCZ86JI

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