Heart Of Stones


Genrer: Alternativ, Alternative, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Grunge och Progrock
  • Markowicz
  • Vezzoli
  • Lateralus
  • Samadhi


Heart Of Stones was formed from the ashes of the band Herbal who played the Stockholm underground scene for a couple of years before breaking up due to other engagements. In 2007 the two friends Markowicz/Vezzoli met and started the process of writing some new songs, which later would appear on the demo Echoes of PICD. During a gig the duo met their old friend and bass player (Lateralus) who was asked to join the band. During this time the trio explored their common interest of making qualitative progressive grunge music with an ethnic touch (progressive grungadelica). The trio invited different drummers during this period but it was not until Samadhi, an old friend of the band was asked to join that the band fully could express their potential. During 2015 the band released a cover version of the Mark James song .

The band is currently writing some new material for an upcoming album and are up in the finals at the Emergenza festival!

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